About DSFdesign Studio Products

DSFdesign Studio products may include note cards, invitations, business cards, or promotional flyers that you can personalize in various ways using a visual editor. You can see your changes to the product as soon as you make them. The site provides the basic product and you personalize it, for example, add a photo or some text to a postcard, change the font and color of text, or add some decorative lines.


Note Variable data products (VDPs) are another type of product that can be personalized; such products may also be available for order on the site.

The design of a product controls how you can personalize it. For example, if you are ordering a company business card you may be able to change only your name; on a post card you may be able to add your own photo and text.

Here are some ways you may be able to personalize products:

         Add your own images (in JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS, or SVG format).

         Select pre-supplied images from a gallery.

         Edit and format text, for example, change font, point size, color, or justification.

         Change the color or thickness of lines.

         Change the fill color or border color of a rectangle or circle.

         Change the opacity of objects.

         Move, re-size, rotate, or delete text, shapes, or images.

         Add your own text, images, or shapes.

         Edit images by cropping or rotating them, correcting red eye, changing contrast or brightness, and so on.

Note RGB images in JPG or PNG format can be fully edited as long as their resolution does not exceed 2,880 x 2,880 pixels; if the resolution is higher, you can just crop the images. CMYK images in JPG or PNG format can be cropped. You can also crop images that are in PDF, EPS, or SVG format.

         Select finishing options such as paper or lamination.

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